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~ Ingenium Village ~



Ingenium: in-JEHN-ee-um; Latin, noun.

Talent, innate nature; intelligence, or natural capacity.  

Think of the word, "Ingenuity".  

 Ingenium is a small, innovative village

focusing on personal growth, relational benevolence,

and awareness of one's higher Self,

all supported by a foundation of Service,

and enhanced by sharing expressive arts. 

We are on 48 acres, just a few miles from

both Nevada City and Grass Valley, California.



Waking up before sunrise, I see outside,

a crescent moon sliver befriends a brave solo star. 

These are my companions as I settle into sadhana,

a 4am visit with my inner Self.


I am so grateful. A warm bed, soft cover, two furry critters snuggling by my side. And all those friends and teachers that are not visible, but who I know, still,

are always close.

My cabin is in the woods, among the Pine trees and Cedars. The frogs croak a symphony and the creek rushes by.  Some days there will be company and others gentle silence.  But my moments are a practice in mindful focus, living purpose, and attuning to

the heart inside.


So much growth happens in this forest oasis.

Coming into a rich sense of hope, peace, love, depth, connection, healing, insight, inspiration,

and a feeling of being fully alive.   

These are the treasures of Ingenium. 

You are welcome to explore.

Come for a visit, for seva, for sangha, and more.

Come discover what is within you,

what awaits

at your core.

Let's share together

With reverence and joy.

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