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Some would say that a clear vision is the most important aspect

of developing a cohesive social environment. 

It is through gaining an intimate awareness of our common mission, values and goals

that we can consciously decipher whether our various lifestyles will merge with ease.  


To this end, we've listed here a few more details

about the primary qualities to which we aspire: 


Personal Growth: Both individually and as a group we are devoted to

'manifesting our personal potential and highest Self',

and we recognize that this is an ongoing process.  

We agree to support the development

of self-awareness and interpersonal consideration.  

Each individual is willing to dedicate both time and funds

for this purpose, including such learning tools as

group trainings, mediation, facilitation, and/or workshops

as needed or desired for group cohesion and enrichment.

Training in Cooperative Processing is a requirement before moving onto the land.

This includes viewing the NVC/Compassionate Communication introductory video series: 

NVC Video,

completing the 30 day NVC course: NVC Training, or another significant NVC training modality

attending from between 2 to 4 of our private Cooperative Processing sessions before residency,

and continuing with us once each month thereafter.


Fostering Our Creative Pursuits:  Each participant supports our

 collective and individual engagement with the expressive arts.  

Group funds are allocated for equipment and supplies for various collaborative projects.   

We are supportive and non-critical of each other's personal creative work,

and consciously celebrate mutual inspiration. 

Each resident organizes a special project or event to showcase

their creative or personal/relational growth passion, at least once each year.



Clean and Healthy Living:  There is a strong preference at Ingenium for there

 to be no drug, tobacco, alcohol or media dependence among us,

and we tend to align with others who feel this way as well.  

That being said, we recognize that

a strictly prohibitive policy might not be practical.


With consideration of this in mind, the following standards have been clarified:

>  No cannabis growth is permitted anywhere on the property or inside dwellings.

>  No Alcohol, tobacco or cannabis use in common areas or grounds.

Use inside private cabins is okay.

> No other recreational drug use permitted.


>  No cable or satellite T.V. will be installed,

but there is high speed internet access available.

Movies via online venues (Netflix, Amazon, etc).as well as DVDs

are available in the common areas and optionally in private dwellings.

>  Curtailment of all unhealthy dependencies

is actively supported and encouraged.


The general intention is for each of us to move away

from external "enhancements" (or "deterrents", depending on one's point of view),

and to develop stronger engagement with our introspective and creative resources.  

Our aim is to detach from vices that can distract us from growing

into our highest personal potential and aptitudes. 

If you have a pressing attachment to maintaining

any of the habits listed above as integral parts of your lifestyle,

then you might be needing to seek a group with a different basic vision.  



Aesthetic Individual and Group Environments: Being an artistic group,

it is understandable that as a whole, we have a special sensitivity

to creating a beautiful atmosphere.

To that end, we give deliberate consideration to the following:


 - Pleasant architecture of both personal dwellings and supplementary structures 

- Warm and intimate decor of interior common spaces

- The land and buildings are made inviting

by keeping them clean and free of clutter.  

-Equipment and supplies are kept in storage when not in use,

and trash is cleaned up daily. 

- The inside of both common spaces and personal dwellings

are kept hygienically safe, i.e limit debris, limit number of inside pets,

clean and disinfect animal droppings, control for pests etc.  



Cooperative Process:  Each person is actively involved in helping

 this project to run smoothly by agreeing to things like the following: 

- Participating in specific task committees. 

- Engaging in active accountability processes.

- Actively practicing learned cooperative decision-making

and communication techniques.

- Rotating meeting roles such as facilitator, note taker, time keeper etc.

- Monthly service hours and various "community tasks". 

- Initiating creative projects

- Respect for each other's personal space, basic needs,

preferences and lifestyle choices.

- Willingness to create written agreements honoring decisions made. 

- Reading the"Creating A Life Together" book,

and joining a discussion group as needed.




When we can be creative, we are in touch with the deepest, most authentic parts of ourselves.

It is here where our most intimate gifts are stored, and sometimes hidden.

It is here where we discover the genuine and most sapient persons we can be.

Embodying all of the aspects of the Ingenium vision

elicits the living expression of this capacity together, in each and every one of us.





More About Our Vision

Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose

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