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New Possibilities

Ingenium Sanctuary of Loving Awareness

has a wonderful potential to expand.

We would love to collaborate 

with another person or group

to create a living organization

here in Nevada City, California

dedicated to embodying

 Benevolence and Higher Consciousness.

We are seeking others 

who have passion and drive to promote

these types of teachings and practices. 

We'd love to explore the possibility of forming

a non-profit organization dedicated to

spiritual awareness and growth.

There may also be a possibility

to take ownership of

or establish land partnership on

one or more of our parcels for this purpose. 

If you are interested in joining or supporting

these exciting prospects in any way,

please get in touch for more details.

Send us an email with your intention, vision,

and experience to

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Ram Dass, 1974

Lot A B C Collage for Sangha.jpg

Ingenium Village, Today

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