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The Process

Our first visitor.  September, 2014

Establishing a residential and creative environment is a multi-staged process. 

The main components are acquiring and developing a home-site,

and attracting enthusiastic and compatible partners.



Land Development


The land is located on 48 acres in the Sierra Foothills, California,

just a few miles from the small victorian town of Nevada City,

with equal distance to neighboring Grass Valley. 


This property is partially cleared and has the original ranch house on it

that's been renovated to be used as our "Art Barn", a private studio and workshop space.

The "Caretaker's Cabin",  "Alpine Cabin", "Wolf Creek Cabin",
"Crossroads Cabin", "Oak Tree Cabin"

and the "Common House" have been completed.  

Plus, we now enjoy our "Grotto",

a private indoor spa and massage sanctuary! 


According to the Nevada County General Plan,

properties with residential-agricultural zoning such as this one

may carry two main houses and a guest house.

  Our property consists of three lots.


Electricity and internet comes to the property, we have two wells,

and an awesome solar power array. 

During power emergencies, the Common House is serviced by

an automatic propane generator.


Ongoing, we're cultivating an organic garden, revitalizing the pond,

clearing trails, and now trying our hand at keeping chickens.

Plus, we'd love to have our own milk cow one day!

There is plenty of open land for gardens, livestock, a horse corral, etc.

Much of the land is left in its natural state

for us to enjoy the meandering hiking trails, the creek and the pond.
























Project Partners

The people who are most compatible here at Ingenium

have a natural propensity towards mindfulness, generosity of spirit,

creativity, connection and personal growth.

To learn details about the process of joining us as a resident,

please read through the

"More About Our Vision",

"More About Membership",

"More About Decision Making"


and "Self-Guided Tour"

pages, here on this website.




Your Dream


 "Imagination is the beginning of creation. 

You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine,

and at last, you create what you will" 

~ George Bernard Shaw

All new adventures begin with inspiration and imagination.

The pictures below are to get you thinking about the

various possibilities that your new home may take.

Our "Lot C" is available

for seasoned members of Ingenium, who are so inclined,

to design and build their own dwellings.

While keeping in mind that all construction

will need to adhere to the Nevada County building codes,

it is interesting to note that there are currently

a number of structures in our area

that have been built by alternative means.

Here are a few unique ideas from around the world:





The Ingenium Common House. 
Great room w/fireplace & piano, exercise room, play room,
meditation & yoga space, grill & laundry.  
Here we enjoy private brunches, movie nights, game nights,
special gatherings & more.
Crossroads Cabin Titled Bannered.jpg
Crossroads Cabin Titled Bannered_edited.jpg
May 2020 Oak Tree Cabin Image Titled.jpg

Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose

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