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Welcome to the
~ Virtual Self-Guided Tour ~


How It Works:

1. Read through the website, especially the:

2. Carefully read through all the information on this page  
and watch the videos below.

3. If, after taking in all the info, you're still interested in becoming a candidate

as a prospective member, fill out and send in the Preliminary Application.

You'll notice that on the application we ask for some in-depth personal information.

This is because our goal is to attract folks who enjoy sharing in this way about themselves. 

Please know that you are invited and encouraged to ask any of us residents the same questions that are on the application, and anything else you may be curious about.


4. If you like, send in a video introduction of yourself.  We love videos!


5. Once all of the above has been completed, you will be contacted on next steps.




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*** NOTE: We sometimes have an issue with our email service. Please request a confirmation that your document has been received through our MeetUp site or on Messenger via our FaceBook Group Page: 

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Vital Info:

Q: Which cabin is available? Spill the deets. 

A: There are TWO cabins available! One is the enchanting 

"Crossroads" cabin, and the other is

the "Wolf Creek" cabin.

You can see where they are located on the property

on this map.

In both cabins there's vaulted ceilings, wood floors, a kitchen

with hickory cabinets and granite counter tops; a bathroom with

claw-foot tub, an artisan vessel sink and hand-crafted vanity;

bedroom plus an extra full-sized loft; an open living room area 

with a propane"wood stove" type heater, a skylight and a

beautiful and unique stained glass window. 


The "Crossroads" cabin has both a back porch and covered front deck; 

and the "Wolf Creek" cabin has a hobbit-like bridge, and you can

hear the soothing creek from the front deck year 'round.

Along with your own cabin, you'll also enjoy the Common House with wood burning fireplace, piano, large-screen TV, playroom, exercise room, meditation/yoga loft and laundry; the Art Barn; "Grotto Sanctuary" with Spa and Massage Room; Organic Garden; Forest Trails; and Swimming Pond.

Q: What's the rent?

A: Rent will be $1,318 per month for the "Crossroads" cabin and $1,285 per month for the "Wolf Creek" cabin (both include $100 for our Community Fund) plus both common utilities which come to an average of approximately $250 per month and personal utilities (propane, cell phone service). 

Also, each resident contributes a minimum of 10 hours of service per month and attends weekly Resident's Meetings, monthly get-togethers and occassional work and play parties.


Q: What are some of the most important things to know about living at Ingenium?

A: Along with everything listed on the FAQs and other pages of this website, it's especially important to keep in mind that,

  1. We have a traditional landowner/tenant housing structure.                                                                     (The landowner is also the founder and a resident/member of Ingenium)                                      

  2. It's a commitment. There are cooperative-living responsibilities and a community culture that is affected by each resident, so ongoing participation at meetings, social activities and daily tasks is important. Making (other) major life changes soon after moving in or planning extensive travel would take away from the attention needed to fully learn and integrate here at home. 

  3. Residents' private endeavors are encouraged in conjunction with these first two constructs being satisfied. 

Q: Do residents share meals? When do residents get together?

A: At this time meals that are shared happen either spontaneously or at special events.

     Every full time member of Ingenium over the age of 13 meets each week at Resident's

     Meeting, currently on Wednesday evenings starting at 6 pm.  

Q: What are the main qualities that you look for in Ingenium members?


- Compatible members reliably fulfill their routine obligations with ease.

- They have generosity of spirit and a mutually supportive mindset as a natural way of being.

- They embody the qualities of humility, introspection, vulnerability, emotional self-                    responsibility, curiosity, respect, and relating to others from a place of "heartfullness". 

- They show fluency and ease in using "Compassionate Communication"/NVC, especially

   when tensions arise. 

- They're instrumental in leadership, group cohesiveness and conflict resolution.

- They are sensitive to any divisive group dynamics and they easily set boundaries to curtail       them, guiding residents towards healthier, more supportive ways of relating.

- They make participation at group meetings a priority, and join in on other activities often.

- They routinely visit and check in with current landowners, and are helpful in working out         decisions, issues and/or any changes desired. They actively find ways to collaborate together.

- They regularly initiate creative projects and group events or gatherings.


Crossroads Cabin Titled Bannered_edited.jpg
Wolf Creek Cabin Titled Bannered.jpg


Newest video of the Ingenium property:


This video of the Crossroads Cabin is also very similar to the Wolf Creek Cabin. 

Crossroads Bathroom.jpg
Crossroads Sink.jpg
Crossroads Kitchen.jpg
Crossroads Living Room.jpg

Foundation for Intentional Communities Interview

with Jaspen, Founder of Ingenium Village. June, 2021:

>> Be sure to turn the captions on to see fun facts during the video.<<

Can't get enough, eh? 

For those who want to peruse some more, this is a longer video of the property

but it was made before the Grotto was completed:


If you'd like to explore the possibility of becoming a resident,

for either now or in the future,

download, fill out and send in the Preliminary Application Form here


Let's  Begin . . . Living  Your  Life  With  Exuberance  And  Purpose

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